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Upcoming Class (and a blog post) At The Loft

For those local to Minneapolis who are interested in publishing work in literary journals, please consider taking my (one-day!) (useful!) class on May 17th:

It can’t happen without you!

I’ve started talking about publishing already on the Loft’s blog, so you might also go on over and give that a read:

As usual, I’ve been remiss in posting about my work, but the reviews keep coming, and dislocate’s issue #10 is chugging along, and will be in print soon.


New Work: Fall Issue of Sixth Finch

I’m psyched to see one of my poems appear in the latest issue of Sixth Finch:

In other news, there’s a little more than a month left to submit to dislocate–hurry up and send us your stuff!



Submissions Open At Dislocate, New Book Reviews, Etc

Writers! Submissions are now open for the next issue of dislocate, the student-run literary journal of the University of Minnesota.
Send us your best, right here:

When you’ve crossed that off your list, stop over at NewPages for my review of Hailey Leithauser’s Swoop:

Happy November!

Book Reviews, etc.

My latest book review, of Stephen Burt’s Belmont, is up at NewPages:

More soon, I promise!

New Work: Diagram 13.4

Oh, hey! One of my poems is in the new issue of Diagram. Check it out:

Such a pretty dress: it’s blown all the other thoughts from my head.


New Poetry in The Liner #2

The new issue of The Liner just arrived in my mailbox, and it looks spectacular. I’m really pleased to see my poem in such good company! If you’re interested in checking it out, you can buy the new issue here:
Before you know it, you’ll have it in your mailbox, too!

That’s all for now–I’m a bit behind in everything else.

New Work, New Reviews, New Things Everywhere

Let’s skip over the sad-face part where I tell you all of the hyper-tragic reasons why you’ve had to look at the same slow newsday posts for eons, and instead, allow me to please just tell you that I have spent the last few months working on these OH, SO MANY THINGS I have to tell you about.

First, I’ve been poetry editoring the super sweet issue #9 of dislocate, which you can read for free thanks to the wonders of technology here:

Second, I have some new book reviews up at New Pages as of 5/31/13, right here:

Third, one of my poems was in the last (Fall) issue of the Madison Review, and another was selected for A Capella Zoo’s Best Of issue, Bestiary. Take a sneak peek here and then buy your self a real live copy:

More to come soon, on every front!

New Work Online at Everyday Genius

I love this piece; I loved it when I first had the idea for it, I loved it as I drafted it, loved it with each and every obsessive compulsive edit, and I love seeing it up here on Everyday Genius!

New Work And A Call For Submissions

First, I’ve been getting behind in posting recent news about my work. So: As of earlier this week, you can stream or download an audio clip of my piece, “Over Easy,” at the Drum:
Yes, that’s me reading!

Second, my short story, “Billions of Ways,” is out in the new issue of the Berkeley Fiction Review, which I believe can be purchased here:
They, too, seem to be a little behind when it comes to the whole updating-the-website thing–the current issue is #32.

Third, if you are a writer on the lookout for calls for submissions, here’s one:
Dislocate is produced by MFA students at the U of Minnesota, and I happen to be a part of it. So send us some stuff!

New Work in The Pinch

One of my poems, “At The Natural History Museum with my Mother” is in the new issue of The Pinch, vol. 32 #2! Featuring a bunch of full color artwork, this is a handsome looking journal, folks. So fork over fifteen of your hard-earned dollars and buy a copy, here:

More stuff coming soon. Fall has been busy so far!

New Work up on The Leveler

I have new work up at The Leveler–I’ll be on the front page from 8/26-9/2, but if you want to reference my piece after that, you can look me up in their archives, under “More Poems.”

New Work Up At The Found Poetry Review:

It’s been forever since my last post–I’ve been busy! Here’s what I have to show for it lately…

More work is forthcoming over the next few months, so watch this space!

New Work Up At Euphony:

Apparently my poem, “Play,” has been downloadable at Euphony Journal’s website since February. I had no idea! Check out the Spring 2011 issue in PDF form here:

New Work Up At Swink:

New for May, I have a piece up at Swink, in the Dead Letter section (my favorite section).

Check it out at