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New Work, New Reviews, New Things Everywhere

Let’s skip over the sad-face part where I tell you all of the hyper-tragic reasons why you’ve had to look at the same slow newsday posts for eons, and instead, allow me to please just tell you that I have spent the last few months working on these OH, SO MANY THINGS I have to tell you about.

First, I’ve been poetry editoring the super sweet issue #9 of dislocate, which you can read for free thanks to the wonders of technology here:

Second, I have some new book reviews up at New Pages as of 5/31/13, right here:

Third, one of my poems was in the last (Fall) issue of the Madison Review, and another was selected for A Capella Zoo’s Best Of issue, Bestiary. Take a sneak peek here and then buy your self a real live copy:

More to come soon, on every front!


Forthcoming Work: Slice Magazine #10 (Growing Up)

My story, “Everything I Know,” is coming out in the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Slice Magazine. Slice has been called “beautiful, compelling, and irresistible” by no less than Pulitzer prize-winning author Junot Diaz, and this issue promises to be no less wonderful. So jump on over and pre-order a copy:

Forthcoming Work: A Cappella Zoo #7

A Cappella Zoo #7 is due out in September, and my poem, “Ginny,” will be in it! You can order a copy on their website, here:

Forthcoming Work: Emerson Review #40 and Red Line Blues #8

Look for me later this month in the Emerson Review and Red Line Blues; I’ll have a poem appearing in each! I’ll post links as soon as copies officially go on sale.