Spring Look Back

I’ve spent the past several months feeling just shy of overwhelmed, because I’ve been adding a lot of new things into my usual mix of responsibilities, so here’s a little roundup of a few things I’ve probably been remiss in posting.

First, here are a couple of my recent reviews, of Mary Ruefle’s Trances of the Blast and  Robert Lax’s Poems 1962-1997–both fantastic books I learned a lot from:


I also taught at the Literary Loft for the first time on Saturday, and I was delighted by how welcoming and smart and engaged the group was. The Loft is creating a wonderful community of writerly support in Minneapolis, and I really look forward to being a part of it more in the future. 

In dislocate news, issue #10 is just about ready to go to the printers, and should be out in print in June. Last month dislocate also hosted a “Women in Publishing” panel discussion featuring several esteemed Minneapolis editors, which Hannah Dentinger wrote about for the Walker, here: 


It was really inspiring to hear these women talk about their careers, and about how each of the presses they represent have grown and flourished, and when it ended I sincerely wished we could keep all of them for twice the time. 

When I’m busy, I find it helpful to occasionally take a mental inventory of everything I’ve committed to, and to ask myself honestly whether I think I can handle it all, and the past few months I’ve constantly felt pretty dangerously close to over-committed. So it’s nice to finally be wrapping up a few things and realizing as I catch my breath just how much I’ve accomplished. Onward to whatever comes next!


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