Worth Reading: Copper Nickel, MAR, etc.

I’ve finally caught up on my journal reading, after a long period of craziness when issues kept piling up on the floor by my bookshelf, unread.

Issue 19 of Copper Nickel is a beauty; my sense of CN is that they’re an excellent journal that occasionally slips up and publishes gimmicky pieces that lack real substance. But even on the first flip through of issue 19, I found myself exclaiming, “Holy Crap!” outloud. There’s some great poetry from Jaclyn Dwyer and Jason Myers and others, new fiction from Roxane Gay, and lots more good stuff in here.

MAR’s also still producing an excellent journal. One of the lesser attractive journals in terms of cover and such, but the content’s almost always spectacular writing, and Vol. 33 #1 is no exception. I dog eared so many pages that my copy looks like hell now that I’ve finished the issue. Standouts here are the winner of the Sherwood Anderson prize by Kyle Mellen, translations of Jan Wagner, a great essay by Diane Embry, and oh, who am I kidding, just go get the issue here: http://www.bgsu.edu/studentlife/organizations/midamericanreview/archives/33-1.html

Third, Harvard Review #43 is possibly my favorite issue of HR yet. And their new issue looks great. (Holy Crap!)  http://harvardreview.fas.harvard.edu/?q=print-issues/harvard-review-43

Finally, my latest poetry crush is on Yusef Komunyakaa. http://www.ibiblio.org/ipa/poems/komunyakaa/thanks.php

That’s it for now–I’m hard at work on newpages reviews of new books by Andy Singer, Hailey Leithauser, and others, as well as new things for dislocate in the coming year. Stay tuned…


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